Edwin Zanen

Edwin Zanen

Country: Iceland

Session: Fire

Theme: PDiscussion Panel: Quality vs. Quantity

Born in 1965 in The Netherlands (Den Burg, Texel), studied Physical Geography at the University of Amsterdam and graduated in 1991 as MBA in Glacial Geomorphology.

Received a head teacher’s degree in Geography in 1992 and started working as a course leader in environmental education at a field study centre. Participated between 1991- 1994 in a staff training of the Dutch Mountaineering Association and finished this as a Head Instructor High Altitude Summer & Winter. Started a career in Tourism in 1996 when he moved from education to SNP Natuurreizen in Nijmegen to start as a quality manager in combination with guiding on special projects. Switched within a year to a position in marketing and product management. Was responsible for brochure production and was the editor in chief of an editorial that was published by SNP.

Besides the office activities he organized and led major expeditions in Greenland, Iceland, Pakistan, Nepal and Russia. A long-cherished dream became true in 2002 when a new career was being offered in Iceland, one of his favourite countries. After two years in a leading incoming agency he made a switch into a smaller, more specialized company named Ferdakompaníid where a challenge was being offered in establishing an own division.

In 2017, this is a five people division within a company of 30 employees. Main fields of action are in the development of long term relations with foreign partners that want to operate tours and events in a sustainable way in Iceland. Next to this he has worked for many media productions as a local producer and is the co-author of the Dominicus guide book on Iceland. In 2015, he started a new independent company Framtid Travel, where the main goal is to combine personal knowledge and passion about Iceland and Greenland into a unique experience for his customers, from individual travellers to groups, incentives and media productions all organized in the most professional and sustainable way.






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Costa Rica hosts experts on sustainability and tourism for P3 International Conference

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Costa Rica prepares to host Planet, People, Peace (P3) Annual International Sustainable Tourism Conference

Costa Rica, recognized as a global leader in sustainable tourism, will host the 5th annual P3 (Planet, People, Peace) conference September 23-25, 2015 in San Jose.


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International Conference on Sustainable Tourism to be Held in Costa Rica in September

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Planet, People, Peace (P3) Conference

The International Conference: Planet, People, Peace(P3) is Costa Rica’s only international event on ecotourism and sustainable tourism, its name represents the focus of reconfirming our commitment to redirect the essence of its People back to the Planet, sharing our experience as a country of Peace.


Telephone: +506 2253-0745

Email: info@planetpeoplepeace.com

Office: San José, San Pedro, Los Yoses, costado norte Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Fátima, Avenida 10A



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